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OUR SERvices

At Pregnancy Help Center, we offer a variety of services to provide practical, life-affirming help, hope, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women and their families during pregnancy and beyond!      

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pregnancy tests

We offer hospital grade pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy upon a client's first visit to the center. After being welcomed and filling out her intitial paperwork, taking the test is one of the first steps after arrival.


For clients estimated to be between 6 and 14 weeks pregnant, we provide ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy, approximate gestational age, and viability. This is also typically done during the first visit with one of our registered nurses performing the ultrasound. Our sonogram machine is attached to a TV screen mounted on the wall, this ensures mom and family are able to get a large, clear picture of their growing baby. 

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Fathers are an an extremely important part of the abortion decision and we are working to catch them during the initial client visit. We currently have a Christian man in house and available to speak with fathers during each day we are open for client services; our goal is to have a mentor available during every hour we are open. If you would have interest in joining this program, please contact us at the center!

OPTIONs counseling

Every client not only receives medical services during their first visit to Pregnancy Help Center, but also options counseling. Our trained staff members sit with each woman, discussing all three of her options, parenting, adoption, and abortion.  With the use of amazing technology, we are able to discuss in detail what is happening gestationally, as well as what each option entails. We offer a SAFE and NON JUDGEMENTAL place for women to discuss their fears, ask their questions, and receive the support and information they need to make an informed decision. 

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support for pregnancy + beyond

Once a client has completed her first visit to PHC, we hope to continue a relationship.  We do so by providing supports for the entirety of her pregnancy and after the baby is born. This includes many different resources, including community referrals, incentive based "Earn While You Learn" prenatal and parenting classes, maternity and baby supplies, Bible Study, a 24-Hour helpline, and the Missouri State Alternatives to Abortion Program. Through the development of personal relationships, practical help, and programs tailored to each specific client's needs, we are able to truly offer hope and the Gospel of Christ. Each woman we meet is a treasured child of God, as is the precious child she carries. Our goal is to help them both with their physical needs, all the while ministering to their spiritual and eternal needs as well. 

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